Buyer's Agent

Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent?

When you’re looking to buy a home it is tempting to skip getting a real estate agent. There are so many tools that allow you to browse houses online, and, when it comes time to buy, you can always work with the agent selling the house, right?  You can choose to go that route, but it isn’t always the best idea. Working with a skilled buyer’s agent can make buying a house easier by helping you deal with the stressful details and making sure you find the best house for you.

Working with a real estate agent gets you full access to the MLS.

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. It is where you can go to see all of the houses listed for sale. Houses go up on the MLS before they appear on websites that are open to the public. Being able to search that database will give you early access to the new houses on the market before everyone else.

A buyer’s agent doesn’t cost you extra.

Some people avoid working with a real estate agent because they mistakenly think that they will have to pay the buyer’s agent’s commission. The seller, not the buyer, pays their commission. Houses are priced with this in mind. Not working with an agent will not necessarily make the homeowners lower the price of the house for you.

Having a buyer’s agent is convenient.

Buyer’s agents take time to find out details about what you want in a house. They will ask about your budget, areas you’re interested in living in, and what size house you need. They know the area you are interested in and will be able to find houses that are right for you. When you meet with your listing agent they will show you a variety of houses that fit your criteria, saving you the time and effort searching through many online listings for the right house.

A buyer’s agent represents you.

A buyer’s agent is on your side when you start negotiating for a house. You’ll have a professional speaking for you and working on getting you the best deal. They will know the true value of the house and how much you should offer. They will mediate the negotiations between you and the homeowner, taking some of the stress off your shoulders.

Real estates agents can refer other real estate professionals to you.

Real estate agents have a network of people that they work with when selling a house. They can refer you to other service professionals you’ll need during the buying process, like inspectors and real estate attorneys. They might even be able to refer a contractor to you if your new house will need work after you buy.


Working with an experienced real estate agent will make the process of buying a house easier. Take advantage of their expertise to make buying your next home a more pleasant experience.