Home Staging

Why is Home Staging so Important?

The buying or selling of a property is possibly one of the biggest and most important investments a person can make. How a property is presented and perceived by a potential buyer should be given the same amount of importance and consideration as any other consumer product.  No matter what is happening to the real estate market, when you want to sell your home there are two simple rules to follow in order to assure a quick sale: 1) Price it well 2) Make it look amazing. Whatever the asking price – its appearance needs to be flawless.

Your objective for potential buyers is for them to walk in and immediately envision the property as their home – a place they can see themselves living and entertaining in.  Creating a space that makes buyers connect emotionally to it. They should feel as if they were already at home, not just a guest. So, as a Seller, what do you need to do to achieve this? In order to do this effectively, you need to make your house as attractive but impersonal as possible – remove family pictures, personal items, etc.  This stimulates a potential buyer’s visual acuity – allowing them the opportunity to visualize their belongings in the home.

Hiring a Stager

An initial discussion between the seller and the stager is important in order to review the property’s strong/weak points, potential changes that need to be made, how much time it will take, and what else is needed to stage it. Besides cleaning and repairing, Staging has five basic elements: 1) De-clutter 2) Pare down 3) Position furniture  4) Color  5) Lighting

Home staging is effective because it emphasizes a property’s strengths and minimizes its weak points—allowing your home to be presented at its maximum potential. Presenting a well cared for home attracts attention and admiration from prospective buyers, and encourages them to consider how your property fits their requirements.

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