Listing Agent

Why you need a listing agent when you’re selling your house

When it comes time to sell their home, many sellers make the mistake of putting it on the market themselves. They think selling a house is as simple as putting a sign in the yard and listing it for sale online. “For sale by owner” houses generally stay on the market longer than homes that are listed by agents. Real estate agents know how to sell a house and a good listing agent is worth the price of their commission. They have the expertise that will make sure your house sells for the best price in today’s market. Here are five reasons why you need a listing agent:

They know the market

Listing agents spend their days studying the market. They are aware of the selling prices of similar homes in your area and how your house compares. During your initial consultation, your listing agent will show you examples of other houses that have sold in your area and help you set an appropriate price for your home. Many homeowners overestimate how much their home is worth. Overpricing your house will make it take longer to sell. Listing agents will take into consideration how quickly you want to sell your home when coming up with a price.

They help you prepare your home viewings

A good listing agent will tell you about simple updates you can make to help your home sell for more. Your agent will advise you on what to do to make sure your house looks its best when buyers come calling. They can also connect you with companies that will stage your home to make sure it sells quickly for the right price.

They have connections

Listing agents work hard to make a lot of contacts in the industry. Not only will they list your house on the MLS and online, but they will also contact buyers’ agents and other people in the community to let them know your house is for sale. Listing agents know how to attract prospective buyers. They are able to write up listings that highlight the positive features of your home.

They are in your corner

Because they work on commission, listing agents want to sell your house for the best price. They are the liaison between you and the seller and will make sure that you only take offers that are fair from qualified buyers, saving you the headache of having to deal with the negotiations on your own.

They handle the paperwork

Selling a home is a complicated transaction and requires a lot of paperwork. Listing agents take care of all of that for you, so you don’t have the additional headache. Selling your home is difficult enough without worrying about whether or not you have all of the correct documents in order.

Having a listing agent on your side will make selling your house at the right price a more pleasant experience.